Clean up your people list on Remind

For administrators with a School and District plan.

Who is already in my Remind School or District?

Before being on the Remind Plan, members of your community were already using Remind to communicate. These members created their own Remind accounts and joined your school to communicate at some point in the past, and they can continue using Remind now that you’ve upgraded to the Remind Plan. These members still exist in your organization now that you are on the Remind Plan. During this transitional time, it is important to inform these existing users about the changes to come.

Informing your community how to prepare for the Remind plan

Now that you have the Remind Plan, you can manage the members in your school or district via rostering. Rostering is the fastest, most effective way to roll out Remind across your organization. By automatically creating accounts and classes with data from your SIS (Student Information System), you can expand reach and drive adoption across your entire community.

Before rostering classes and accounts

We recommend sending the following messages to each of these audiences:

  1. School Administrators--Send a message to all administrators asking them to review their People List in their Remind Administrator Dashboards to confirm appropriate members and roles. If your people list is extensive, you can sort by role and focus on cleaning up existing teacher accounts, you can rely on the message to parents and students (below) to help with cleaning up those roles.


    The People List is only accessible at the School Level in the Remind Admin Dashboard. We recommend refraining from removing everyone from your school. Even outside of rostering, there may be members who signed up for Remind on their own and are not in your SIS that still would benefit from Remind communication (grandparents, babysitters, coaches etc).
  2. Teachers--Send a message to all teachers asking them to archive classes they will not be using this year, and leave any schools they no longer are teaching at.

    Note: Archived classes will no longer appear in the teacher or school Class Lists and will no longer be searchable by the Remind community. Students will receive a notification when the class is archived. With rostering, classes will be created and populated for teachers, and auto archived at the end of each term. They can still use Remind to create additional classes outside of their rostered classes including classes for extra-curriculars, athletics, etc. to be used within our Community Guidelines

  3. Parents and Students--Send a district wide or school wide message informing your community Remind accounts will be created by your school or district this year along with directions to unsubscribe if they no longer are associated with the community. (See sample message below).

Sample message template:

  • [District or School Name] is excited to be using Remind for school wide communication for the 2018-2019 academic year! If you or your child are no longer enrolled at our school, or if you joined in the past by mistake, you can unsubscribe by texting back “@leave @[schoolcode or districtcode]” to any text messages you may receive. If you are using the Remind app, you can go to your account settings and click “Leave” next to our school/district name. You can learn more about this process here: Thank you!

Note: Our partners find that many users may leave a school or district that no longer applies to them once teachers and administrators start sending school wide messages. Parents who are rostered can still opt out if desired.