Connecting apps to Remind

Access and share content and resources directly from the Remind composer by integrating third-party apps, including Box, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SignUp, SignUp Genius, Smore, and SurveyMonkey.

If your organization has purchased the Remind plan, you may also have access to LMS and/or video integrations, including Canvas and Schoology as well as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Setting up app integrations

You can set up app integrations from the Remind composer, or your account settings via web, iOS, and Android. When you select the app you want linked to your Remind account, a pop-up box will prompt you to sign in to your app account. After connecting the app to Remind, you will remain logged into the app, and you will be able to access and attach content to your messages without ever leaving Remind.  

On web via New Message


On web via Account Settings


Via iOS 



Please note specifically for the Google apps that you must:

  • Mark your classrooms as Active in order for them to show up in Remind; they cannot be archived.
  • Publish content in Google Classroom for it to show up in Remind.
  • Ensure the content type is "assignment" in Google Drive or Classroom.

To disconnect an app, just hover over it and click Disconnect.