Start the school year with a Remind plan account

For teachers with a Remind plan.

Back to school is just around the corner! Maximize student impact with Remind using these Best Practices for Back to School.

Establishing two-way communication 

Reaching parents within the first three days of school can have positive long term impacts on student attendance, academics and behavior in school.

  • Plan your communication strategy for your community
    • When will families hear from you?
    • What will be your cadence? 

Ex: Mondays will be general weekly announcements, Wednesday's will be individual parent communication.

  • Schedule your first message within the first 72 hours of the first day of school
    • Plan a message to each of your classes that includes:
      • A welcome greeting
      • Fun fact about you
      • How they will continue to communicate with you in the future
      • Invite them to any Back to School events or volunteer opportunities
  • Schedule parent calls through our secure calling feature within the first two weeks of school

Student and family engagement surveys

Get to know your families! Remind has integrated with Google Classroom making it easy for you to create a Get to know you survey for students and families alike. This is a great link to share through a Remind message and to retrieve helpful information about students and families such as:

  • Students - interests, learning styles, educational and career goals
  • Families - preferred method of communication, information about their child’s learning needs, goals for their student this academic year

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement goes a long way and in building community amongst students in your classroom, relationships with teachers and helps parents stay in tune with their child’s progress.

  • Communicate types of actions that lead to positive reinforcement from the teacher and make a plan to communicate these in your class incentive system- including a call or text home!