SIS sync errors and alerts

For administrators with a Remind plan.

If a school's Clever or Direct Sync has errors or alerts, the SIS sync report will indicate these issues and you will be able to drill into the school to see details of the error or alert types with information on how to resolve them.

Head to the SIS Sync tab in your admin dashboard to find details on errors & alerts, including next steps on how to resolve the issues. 


If there are errors or alerts, you can download CSV files that contain information on the users that need to be corrected in your SIS. This will equip you with a detailed list of the changes that need to be made directly in your SIS.


What happens after I resolve errors or alerts in my SIS?

Direct Sync

Once you have made updates to your SIS, transfer your updated complete set of CSVs to Remind via SFTP. If you have established a recurring SFTP sync, your updates will be processed when your next scheduled Direct Sync occurs.

Clever Sync

For schools and districts that have an automatic sync established between their SIS and Clever, any updates that are made directly in your SIS will be pushed to Remind via Clever on a nightly basis between 11pm and 5am PT.

  • Since not all SIS-Clever sync types are processed automatically, you may need to upload your updated SIS data to Clever before changes will appear in Remind. Refer to your District Dashboard in Clever for details on your SIS-Clever sync type and frequency. Contact your SIS Administrator or Clever Support if you have any questions on your SIS-Clever sync. 

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