Format Remind CSVs for direct sync

For administrators with a School and District plan.

A direct sync can contain up to five CSV files. Be sure to include all required fields in your CSVs. Your files should always include a full snapshot of active school data; Remind will handle necessary additions, deletions, and updates for recurring syncs.

This article covers the following topics:

  1. How to format your Remind CSV files
  2. Downloadable CSV templates
  3. Formatting FAQ

How to format your Remind CSV files

Fields highlighted in yellow are IDs used to make connections between files (i.e. enrolling a student to a class would occur with linking a student ID to a class ID). Take care to ensure that all teachers and students have unique user IDs in the respective students.csv and teachers.csv. Also, ensure all active classes and schools have unique IDs in the respective classes.csv and schools.csv.


The schools.csv file provides school information to Remind. This file is required for a Remind direct sync.


  • This CSV should include only the paid Remind schools connected to your Remind account that need to be rostered.


Downloadable template here: schools.csv


The teachers.csv file provides teacher account information to Remind. This file is required to create teacher accounts.


  • If a teacher should be added to multiple schools, repeat the teacher information for each school ID. There must be a separate row for each school that the teacher belongs to. See example below.


Download template here: teachers.csv


The students.csv file provides student account information to Remind.

Data required to create student and guardian accounts:


  • If a student has multiple guardians, repeat the student information for each guardian in a new row. See example below.
  • An account will be created for every parent/guardian included in your students.csv. We strongly recommend excluding any emergency contacts as well as any individuals prohibited from contacting students.


Download template here: students.csv

* This resource shows how students can add their student mobile numbers to their provisioned accounts after the sync.

** Required to create a guardian account in Remind: guardian_first_name, guardian_last_name, and at least one contact point



The classes.csv file provides class information to Remind. This file is required to create classes in Remind.


  • class_name is visible to class owners and participants on Remind. The class name should be unique for each class period or section so that each class is easily identifiable (i.e. English 101 Section 3).
  • There is a limit of 100 classes per user account.
  • If a class has multiple class owners, repeat the class information for each unique teacher ID. There must be a separate row for each class owner. See example below.
  • Remind classes will be created for every section included in your files. We strongly recommend excluding any sections that should not be created in Remind.


Download template here: classes.csv


The enrollments.csv file provides enrollment information to Remind. This file is required to enroll students and guardians in classes.


Download template here: enrollments.csv

Downloadable CSV templates

  1. schools.csv
  2. teachers.csv
  3. students.csv 
  4. classes.csv
  5. enrollments.csv

Formatting FAQ

How do I upload teachers that teach at multiple schools?

  • Repeat the teacher information in another row for every additional school IDs in the schools.csv.
  • In this example, Octavia Butler will be enrolled in two schools in Remind.


How do I format students with multiple guardians?

  • Repeat the student information in another row for every additional parent or guardian in the students.csv.
  • In this example, JK Rowling will be linked as a student to parent Peter Rowling and parent Anne Rowling in Remind. 


How do I format a class with multiple class owners?

  • Repeat the class information in another row for every additional class owner in the classes.csv.
  • In this example, for the class English 101, there are three class owners: teachers with the IDs, teach1, teach2, teach3.