How to use the Schools and Classes tabs

For administrators with a School and District plan. 

Schools tab (for districts only)

The Schools tab is where you can see a more detailed overview of the teachers, students and parents actively using Remind at each school location. You can easily see how many classes in the school are using Remind and how many announcements each school has sent out.

Note: The Schools tab is only available on the district dashboard. 

School: View the names of each school in your school district and use the arrow at the top to sort from A to Z and vice versa. Click on the name of the school to lead into the school specific dashboard.

Teachers: View the amount of teachers using Remind at the school.

Students and Parents: View the amount of parents and students enrolled in Remind at each school.

Classes: View how many classes were created in Remind at each school. 

Announcements: View how many total announcements have been sent out at each school. To learn more about announcements, go to our Messages page. 

Plan: View if the school is enrolled in a paid or unpaid plan with Remind. To learn more about the different types of plans and features at Remind, visit our School and District plans page. 


  • Use the schools dashboard to highlight your most active schools- couple this with student attendance & student achievement results to draw correlations between communication and student success. 


Classes tab (for schools only)

The Classes tab on each school page is a great way to see how many classes in your school are using Remind and who “owns” or is the admin/teacher of each class. 


Search Classes: Type in the name of a class you want to find.

Name: View the name of the class created and click the arrow to switch from A to Z and vice versa.

Owner: View the name of the owner for each class.

Announcements: View the number of announcements this class has sent out.

Participants: View the amount of participants enrolled in receiving messages from this class.

Date Created:View the date the class was created and click the arrow to sort from most recently created to lastly created and vice versa.


  • Use this tool to see if your class enrollment is up to date. 
  • See which classes are sending out announcements and create goals for class owners to send out announcements on a cadence.