What can I do with the Overview tab in my administrator dashboard?


The Overview tab is where you can monitor the overall communication activity in your district or school.

Note: The Overview tab can be accessed at the district and school level depending on your administration access level or plan. 

Headline: The top of your Overview page will show a headline, showing how many of the teacher’s across your district sent announcements to students and parents in the past week. This is a great way to get a high-level pulse on how much communication is going out and how many students/families it is reaching!

Active schools: The overview page will show your most active schools in the last week! You can see how many announcements were sent within the week at each school and how many active teachers you have using Remind at each school. 

Messages: The blue wave will show how many messages were delivered on Remind the previous day and the headline above the bar graph will show you how many active users (teachers, parents and students)  you have had in the last 28 days. By clicking on the wave, it will take you to the Messages tab where you can view more in-depth statistics on messages. To learn more about different types of messages, visit the Messages section of our help center.

Announcements: On the right hand side of the overview tab, you will see a sample of announcements that teachers in your district have been sending out to publicly searchable classes in your district. You are able to see the class to which the messages are being sent out to as well as the teacher/admin sending the message.


  • Use this to see what types of announcements teacher’s are sending and highlight effective or creative messages! This is a great way to learn and develop creative ways to deliver information.
  • As an admin, using the active schools chart is a great tool to compare the impact of family and community engagement to student data such as student achievement, attendance, etc. 
  • You can use the Overview headline and compare it to previous weeks to see a change in communication or create goals around how many announcements your teachers can send it within a period of time.