Troubleshoot CSV file errors

Available to administrators with a Remind Plan. You can learn more about these plans here.

After you transfer your CSV files to Remind via direct sync, Remind will check the files to ensure formatting is correct. If Remind detects formatting issues with your files, you will be notified by email with a link to your SIS sync report that will indicate which CSV files require revision.


From your district-level SIS sync report:

  1. Click Show details and review the file format errors detected in your CSV files.
  2. Download the files we received and address the formatting errors that need to be corrected.
    * Remind CSV format requirements here and OneRoster CSV format requirements here
  3. Once you've addressed the errors, transfer your revised, complete set of CSVs to Remind via SFTP. Remind will attempt to re-process your sync when your revised CSV files are received.