Remind plan teacher FAQs

For teachers with a School and District plan.

How can I make the most out of Remind in my class? 

  • In this article you'll find ideas and tips from other teachers how to use Remind to help achieve your classroom goals. 

How do I change my notifications?

  • You can choose how you'd like to be notified every time you receive a message on Remind. Here's how you can edit your notification settings. 

How do I remove people from my class?

  • You can edit your class list at any point. Here's an article on how to remove people from your class.

What types of messages can I send?

  • At Remind you can message your entire class with just one click as well as message a group of people within your class or individual members. Here's more information. 

What do parents or students see when I message them? 

  • In this video tutorial you can see what the experience looks like for those who receive messages from a class on Remind.

How do I contact support? 

  • You can follow this link to contact our Support Team. If your school is on a Remind plan you'll receive priority support by simply using your official school email address. 

How do I set up my rostered account?

  • Some schools or districts might offer rostered classes for their teachers. These classes are provisioned, rostered, and ready for teachers to start sending messages instantly to their  students and/or parents. If your school is providing you with rostered classes on Remind here's how you can claim your classes and begin messaging your families.

Where can I access all of the available resources? 

  • Simply click this link to access all of the resources on Remind.