What do people see when I invite them to an activity?

You can invite anyone to your activity, even if they don't have a Remind account yet. After you create your activity, you can add more people from Remind or share an activity link in a message, in an email, or on social media.

People can respond to your invitation online or by text.

What It Looks Like Online

Participants who get notifications on the app, on the web, or by email will receive a message that includes your note and a link to your activity. Clicking on the link will take them to a form where they can submit a response, add a private note for you, and pay for the activity (if applicable).

What It Looks Like By Text

Participants who get text messages will receive two messages: one with your activity note and one with your activity details.

They can respond online through the activity link, as we described above, or by text message. If they decide to respond via text, they'll be asked to enter their response, their name, their contact information, and a private note.

For now, online payments can't be completed by text message.