How do I create an activity?

From a class, click on the compose icon and select Activity. You'll see four types of activities you can organize: field trips, fundraisers, events, and item sales. Pick the one that best fits the activity you're organizing.

Here are a few of our favorite examples, but the possibilities are endless.

  • Field trips: band trips, outdoor education trips, day trips, etc.
  • Events: Club meetings, volunteer events, open houses, etc.
  • Fundraisers: Bake sales, donation drives, etc.
  • Item sales: Yearbooks, t-shirts, team uniforms, prom tickets, etc.

Once you select a type, enter a name for your activity. Then, enter the location, the date, and the time of the activity. You can also choose to collect funds for your activity via Remind (only available in the US). If your activity is free or you don't want to collect money via Remind, but the activity has a cost make sure the check box is unchecked.

Finally, you'll compose your invitation. Activities work just like messages on Remind, so select the recipients and write a note. The two checkboxes help you follow up with recipients in a group conversation—if everyone's over the age of 13, you can decide whether to turn on replies* or send one-way messages. You can always change this setting later.

*Group conversations are automatically disabled if more than 500 people have been invited.