I need to transfer my account or classes

You can transfer classes to another teacher or give a whole account to another teacher.

If you need to transfer one class to another account, make sure the new teacher has an account as a teacher on Remind and has joined the class. On web, head to the Class settings(gear icon in the upper right then click Owners) to add them as an owner (and remove yourself). You will only see the ability to remove yourself as an owner once there is more than one owner. In the app, go to Class settings to add them as owner and then remove yourself as an owner for that class. 

If you need to transfer your whole account, you can do this as long as they do not have their own account already on Remind. Log into the Remind account and in the upper left click your name then "Account". You'll be able to update the signature, account name, email and password on this "Profile" page and on "Account Settings". When the email address is changed, we send an email to the new email address with a link that needs to be clicked to finish/save the change.  

If they already have an account, follow the directions above and transfer ownership of each class. Once that is done you can delete your account in Account.