How do I take a screenshot?

The Javascript console is a really helpful tool which helps us to troubleshoot any issues you may experience. If you encounter a bug, we highly recommend opening your Javascript console, recreating the issue, and sending us a screenshot of the subsequent error. 

How to open the Javascript console in supported browsers:

  • Chrome/Windows: CTRL+SHIFT+J
  • Chrome/Mac: CMD+ALT+J
  • Firefox/Windows: CTRL+SHIFT+K
  • Firefox/Mac: CMD+ALT+K
  • Internet Explorer: F12 to open Developer Tools, then click the Console tab 
  • Safari: CMD+ALT+C after enabling Develop menu (Go to Preferences > Advanced, enable Show Develop menu in menu bar)

After recreating the issue with your console open, you should see one or several lines of error text. Screenshot the full area of your console window and attach the image in your email to us.

How to take a Screenshot: 

  • Windows: Press the PrtScn key. When you press it, an image of your screen is copied to the Clipboard.
  • Mac: Directions here.



Here is how your screenshot should look: