How do I change a participant's name or contact information?

Changing participant names

You can edit a participant's name only if they joined by text. If they joined by email or using the app, the name is set and they can only change it in their own account. A class owner most of the time can't edit a participant's name. Add a private note if you want to add more details to a name.

Notes allow you to keep your participant list clean with first and last name only. Add family relationships, team names, roles etc.  

If you fix the name of a student or parent who joined by text, it will be saved and visible to everyone. You can only make this change once. If the name can't be changed and is still incorrect, the participant can log into their account in the app or online to change. 

 Now, here's how adding a Note works in the app: 


You'll also see this screen in your web account by clicking to view any participants' profile:


If a name still needs to be updated and the participant doesn't want to do it themselves, you can reach out to Support and we can update it for you.

Changing contact information

If you have found out that your student or parent has gotten a new cell number or is using a new email address here is how you can make sure they still receive messages.

Option 1: Ask the participant to log into their own Remind account and update there. A class owner can't change the contact information for a participant. 

Option 2: If them changing their contact info isn't an option, you can remove them and then re-add them to the class with their new information.

  1. Remove the participant from your list. Since this is now their old information, you should remove them from the class.
  2. Click People, then "Add people."
  3. Enter in the participant's name and new contact information then click the blue "Add People." They will be added to your class. Look for their name in your participant list to confirm!