Version 7.2 is now available

We have released version 7.2 - here's what you'll see in this release!

See updates as we make them here:


What's New - Mobile Version 7.2

  • Reactions are here!
  • React to any message by clicking the reactions icon below the message.

What's New - Mobile Version 6.16

  • (iOS) Duplicate people re-appearing in People List now gone
  • (iOS) You now see a confirmation after reporting a user
  • We've updated RSVP for Activities
  • You can now leave a school! You will be asked to give up adminship, disconnect owned classes, and leave connected classes. Go to your school list in account settings and swipe on the school you want to leave.

Known issue: If you are having trouble seeing classes after updating on iOS, simply force quit by double tapping your hope button and swiping the app preview away and re-launch the app. 

What's New - Mobile Version 6.15

  • (iOS) Web links sent in chats now open up in your browser
  • (iOS) You can now swipe to delete a class that you own
  • (iOS) If you type a message without sending, that message will still be in the message composer for you to send when you return

What's New - Mobile Version 6.14

  • Bug fixes
  • Additional improvements to the Activity feature
  • Experimenting with longer messages (see to get an early preview)

What's New - Mobile Version 6.13

  • Support for iOS 10!
  • Improvements to the Activity feature

What's New - Mobile Version 6.12

  • Ability to rate app through Settings screen
  • Instead of deleting a class or removing all participants, a "Remove class from list" shows in Class settings

What's New - Mobile Version 6.11

  • Can now add individuals to an activity when creating
  • Activities has new designs and illustrations on mobile to match web
  • iOS 10 fix for those stuck on log in 
  • iPad app now looks like iPhone app

What's New - Mobile Version 6.10

  • Added green Add people button to easily add more people to a new class on iOS
  • Recents section on iOS, tap the Clock icon to view new messages on iOS

What's New - Mobile Version 6.9

  • Name your group conversations so you can spot the one you're looking for. Trust us, it's much easier than scrolling through lists of names.
  • Look for activities in their new home among your messages. You can see upcoming activities, view past activities, and even create new ones from here.
  • School leaders on the go can now sign up for a Remind administrator account from the mobile app.
  • iOS only: Along with picking contacts from your address book, you can enter their names and contact info (phone number or email address) to add them directly to your class.

What's New - Mobile Version 6.8

  • Any activities you create on web will appear in the app.
  • Announcements are smaller and taking up less space!
  • If you're a class owner, you now have the ability to see participant roles. (Bonus ability: You can also assign a role to anyone who doesn't have one.)
  • Anyone who joins a class can go to class settings to view past announcements.
  • If you need to, you can block users on Remind. Once someone's blocked, they won't be able to send you messages, join your classes, or add you to any classes.
  • On Android, Admins can sign up on mobile for the first time. 


What's New - Web

  • We've changed the look on web! This will help keep everything class centric
  • Class settings have moved to the gear icon in the upper left
  • Messages includes both announcements and conversations
  • Account settings are now accessible by clicking the person icon in the lower left 
  • Role now shows in participant list

What's New - Mobile Version 6.7

  • Classes can now be linked to schools. If you’re an owner, you'll get a prompt to review the classes you own. You can link a class to a school or say it's not affiliated.
  • We've consolidated the Announcements and Recent tabs into just one tab: Messages.
  • Class settings have moved up by the class name. Just look for the little > next to the class name on iOS. Android class settings are found by tapping the 3 dots.
  • Tapping an announcement will show message details like deliveries and read receipts.
  • The All Classes view below your list of classes.
  • Stamps have been removed from announcements.

What's New - Mobile Version 6.6

  • On Android, we've tweaked the sign up flow by allowing teachers to join a class instead of joining and parents can create a class instead of joining. Teachers can also modify their signature on the enter name screen rather than a separate screen.
  • On Android, when viewing all classes in the announcements tab will show a preview text of the last sent announcement for each group that the user is in. When viewing all classes in the people tab, the user will see a list of all people that they can chat with.
  • The app will remember what class you were in upon app restart.
  • The Contact Remind button now opens a webview to the request help.
  • When viewing All Classes and on the Announcement tab, the classes will be ordered based on last sent date.

What's New - Mobile Version 6.5

  • Updated navigation to better reflect the way you already use the app—now, you can filter by class to view specific conversations, announcements, people, and settings
  • Announcement preview when you’re viewing all classes so you can see what was last sent in each class
  • Backend changes to help the app work better in the long run

What's New - Web

  • Activities now available for all teachers (create free and paid events for your class)
  • Teachers can directly add participants into a class
  • Parents on app and web can create classes

What's New - Mobile Version 6.4

  • Teachers are prompted to unlock message history for existing classes
  • Circle compose icon for everyone
  • Signing up with a phone number on Android has been improved

What's New - Web

  • New message composer that allows announcement, individual message, and group conversations
  • Users can have multiple emails attached to their accounts
  • Classes are now linked to schools

What's New - Mobile Version 6.3

  • Inbox filtering, view conversations for specific classes (Android)
  • User role now shows in Settings
  • Improved empty state for a new class
  • Deprecated iOS 7.0 version