There are duplicate names or people I don't recognize in my class

Duplicate names

If as a participant or as an organizer, you see two of the same names listed, this means they have signed up twice. Most likely, they joined via text and also joined via email. 

As a participant, head to your Notifications in your account. On web, click your name in the upper left then Account and lastly Notifications. If you are on the app (iOS, person icon, Android, 3 dots then account settings), head to Notifications. 

Here is where you can link your other SMS or email account. If it's SMS, turn on text notifications to link your device. If it is another email address, you can add another email address in the "Account Settings" section.

As an organizer, please contact Support to help determine the best way to merge participants. Do not remove one as they are receiving messages via that method. 

Name you don't recognize

This person may have mistyped a class code and joined your class by mistake. All class codes are unique, so it's important that everyone types them correctly to join the right class.

If you ever need to remove someone from your class, it's easy to do. Click the three dots button next to his/her name in your participant list and then click "Remove from class." 

If you notice wrong people joining your class consistently, we suggest changing your class code, or heading to class settings and changing the class search settings for the class by unchecking the "People in this class can see and message one another" option.