What information is used to operate the Remind service?

Other companies make it possible for Remind to operate our service. These companies only have access to the account information they need to operate their own services.

Here are the companies we currently work with as well as their respective privacy policies. (This list might change over time.)

  • Zendesk and Zopim handle our customer support via email and web-based IM.
  • Twilio handles SMS Messages over regular phone numbers.
  • OpenMarket handles SMS messages over 81010.
  • Customer.io for sending emails about Remind.
  • Sendgrid for delivering Remind messages by email.
  • Sumo Logic is used for data analytics & debugging.
  • Heroku is used to run just a few of our web services.
  • Amazon for push notifications to Amazon devices.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is our primary data warehouse and hosts our servers.
  • Google Analytics (including remarketing features) for web analytics and marketing campaigns. Google provides analytics opt-out tools here
  • Google for push notifications to Android devices.
  • PagerDuty for paging us when there are production problems.
  • Apple for push notifications to Apple devices.
  • Honeybadger for tracking alerts and exceptions.
  • NewRelic for application performance monitoring.
  • Crashlytics for tracking iOS and Android crashes as well as mobile analytics.
  • TrackJS for tracking errors in our web frontend.
  • Pusher for handling pub/sub notifications to mobile and web clients.
  • VividCortex for database monitoring.
  • Redislabs for hosting redis and memcache data stores.
  • DataDog for hosting metrics and generating alerts.
  • Compose.io for hosted Elasticsearch.
  • Facebook for social media marketing campaigns.
  • Inbenta to direct help requests to articles in our help center.
  • Imgix to help transmit image files in user messages.
  • Salesforce to store our business contacts.
  • Yesware for plain-text mail merges to email our community members.