Class and participant limits



Starting on July 23, 2019, users with Remind Chat can have up to 150 participants per class.


Starting on July 23, 2019, users with Remind Chat can own (or co-own) up to 10 classes. Click Create a class under Classes owned to create new classes. 


Exceeding Remind Chat limits

  • If you are an owner of more than 10 classes, then you’ll be able to send announcements to the first 10 classes you created or were added to as a co-owner (based on their created-at date and number of participants). You can archive old classes at any time to make room for new classes.

  • If you have more than 150 people in any of your classes, then you won’t be able to send announcements to that class until it’s within the participant limit.

  • You can still send messages to any of your students individually (even after you’ve archived their class) by navigating to All Classes and searching their name.

If you exceed the limits, you can use this helpful resource to manage your class and people.

Reach more classes and participants with Remind Hub

If you're using Remind for your school, district, or larger group, you can access more class and participants for you and your organization with Remind Hub.

Learn more about Remind Hub.

Once your account has been upgraded, to resume messaging classes you will need to link all of your owned classes to your newly upgraded organization if they aren't already! How to link your class to your Remind Hub school.