What platforms and devices does Remind support?

The Remind app is available on devices that have access to the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). 

Does your app work on a Blackberry?
No, our app does not work on a Blackberry unless your device supports Android apps, but not to worry--you can still join and receive messages via text message. Simply text the class @code to 81010.

Does your app work on a Chromebook?
We no longer support the Chromebook app, but everyone can log into their accounts on remind.com! 

Does your app work on a Kindle?
We used to support an app available on Amazon for the Kindle, however this version is outdated and no longer supported. You can join classes using email or texting instead.

Does your app work on a Windows phone?
We don't have plans to build a Windows app. We suggest joining by text on your Windows phone.