Classes with students under 13

Remind collects and treats student information differently depending on their age. In order to comply with various regulations, we require teachers to make their class as private if their class might include participants under the age of 13. You will need to uncheck the box "People in this class can see and message each other." 

When you uncheck the box "People in this class can see and message each other", students under 13 will be able to join. All students will be required to provide a date of birth, and all students under 13 will need to supply a parent's name and email address. We automatically send those parents an email with information about Remind and add them to the class so they can receive the same updates.

Students under 13 can receive one-way classroom announcements, but they cannot participate in conversations. Their name will also appear as their First name, and the first initial of their Last name for privacy reasons. 

Can I change the age setting?

If your participants change, you can change your class setting as well. Click the settings tab in on the class page in your Remind account online.  In the app, select the class, then the name when it appears at the top of the screen. The option will be at the bottom.

 On class settings, you can check or uncheck the privacy settings for the class.