How do I connect my SIS to Remind using Clever?

Available to administrators with a School Plan or District Plan.

The Clever - Remind integration

The Clever - Remind integration allows Schools and Districts to provision student, teacher, and guardian accounts, as well as roster classes in Remind. This removes the need for teachers to individually sign up for accounts, create classes, and invite participants on their own. 

Depending on your SIS type and the sync method configured in Clever, updates in your SIS will be updated nightly in Remind.

How do I connect Remind and Clever?

1. Connect Remind and Clever:

  • If your district already has a Clever account, add Remind here.
  • If your district does not have a Clever account, sign up for Clever at no charge.

2. If you’re new to Clever, you’ll need to sync your data for the first time via one of two sync options:  Clever Auto Sync or SFTP Sync.

3. Set Sharing Permissions
 for Remind to let Clever know what data you’d like to share with the application. Remind recommends Sharing by School.

If not Sharing by School, please make sure you include the following data points:

students full name student DOB guardian's mobile number or email  teachers email 
student ID  guardian's full name  teachers full name   
class name  class teacher class list of students   

Review the information you are syncing with Clever through the data browser. If necessary, contact Clever to adjust your sync settings.

  • Important: All data that is shared in Clever will be passed to Remind for rostering.
    Because safety is important to Remind, we encourage you to ensure you do not pass through contact info to Clever for individuals who should not be able to communicate with certain students. 

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