Clever Integration Q&A

For administrators with a School Plan or District Plan.

Who do I reach out to for Clever technical support?

  • If you need help connecting your School Information System with Clever, you may follow this link and a Clever support member will get back to you.

How do I control which contacts are shared with Clever?

  • Review the rules you have set up in your SIS regarding the data you are sharing with Clever. If necessary, contact Clever to adjust your sync settings. Once contacts are imported into Clever, Clever does not distinguish between all contact types. Everything imported into Clever will be passed to Remind for rostering. Because safety is important to Remind, we encourage you to ensure that Clever does not receive and pass through contact info to Remind for people who should not be able to message certain students.

What happens after we complete the Clever sync?

  • After you complete all steps in connecting your SIS with Clever, we are ready to begin the rostering process! Please note that it takes up to 5 business days to roster your school after you share your data with Remind in Clever.

How do I know my school was successfully rostered?

  • Once we roster your school on Remind, you and your community will receive a notification from Remind. This can go out on a preselected date. Make sure you communicate that with the Remind Implementation Team.

Can I edit the first Remind notification?

  • The first Remind notification is an auto generated message from Remind that can’t be edited. However, we suggest that prior to rostering your school you use our email templates to inform your community about the Remind rollout. Or, after the first notification goes out you may send a personalized school wide Remind message to your community. The users who were rostered via email will receive an email notification and the ones who were rostered via mobile number will receive an text message notification.

Why did some teachers not get rostered classes?

  • With the Clever sync, Remind rosters classes for your teachers as outlined in your SIS. If the information is missing in your SIS at the time of sync, that will be reflected to Remind. You may also email our support team here in case you need additional support.

How are users with existing accounts affected by the Clever sync?  

  • Users with existing accounts on Remind will be prompted to merge their accounts. Merging will allow them to access both the new classes rostered for them through Clever as well as any existing classes they either own, or were enrolled in before the sync. No previous information will be lost. If someone needs help merging their accounts they can reach out to our support team here.

How do teachers claim their rostered classes?

  • Once accounts are provisioned teachers will receive an email notification prompting them to claim their account. You can find more information on the teacher experience here.

Can teachers still add people and edit their class info like they used to before?

  • Absolutely, all of the free Remind features are still available for use.

We only have student emails on file, how can they add mobile phones to their accounts?

  • Remind will roster your students to their respective classes with their email. To have your students receive your announcements on their phones follow these simple steps.

It's a new semester. Will my teachers automatically receive their new classes?

  • New classes and participants that are added in your SIS and to Clever are pushed to Remind nightly between 11PM and 5AM PST (for most Clever sync types). All teachers need to do is refresh Remind to gain access to their new classes. Teachers will also receive an email to notify them about class changes. You can read more about class changes here.