How to provision accounts and roster classes via .CSV upload

One of the most effective ways to add contacts to your school is by uploading CSV spreadsheets to Remind. During the upload, accounts are created instantly and participants receive an auto-generated message from Remind to welcome them to the platform. 

Please follow the instructions below to help you prepare the spreadsheets required for the upload. Once your files are ready, please reach out to the Remind School Success team and they will follow up with next steps around how to submit your files for processing. 


You will need 4 separate spreadsheets:

  1. Teachers .CSV
  2. Students and guardians .CSV
  3. Classes .CSV
  4. Enrollments .CSV


- Columns in Bold are required fields, not bolded are optional fields

- For each contact point (email/mobile number) Remind creates one account 

- Acceptable Formats for Different Columns:

  • columns that are IDs can be any combinations of characters and numbers.
  • phone numbers can handle almost any format: with/without international code, with/without brackets around the area code, with/without hyphens.
  •  Class names require a minimum of 3 characters. 



Export a spreadsheet (template herewith the following information:   

Export a spreadsheet (template here) with the following information:  

Note 1: It is ok for there to be no guardian data; however if there is any, guardian_first_name, guardian_last_name, and some form of guardian contact information (either guardian_phone or guardian_email) are required.

Note 2: To connect multiple guardians to a child, replicate the student information for each guardian in a new row.  



This spreadsheet automatically provisions empty classes for teachers.

Export a spreadsheet (template here) with the following information:   

Could Add: Grade, Subject

Note — You can add multiple owners to a class, but there must be a separate row for each owner


This spreadsheet matches the existing student and guardian accounts to classes that have already been created. Teachers are now ready to start activating.

Export a spreadsheet (template here) with the following information:   

List of all 4 templates 

  1. Teachers .CSV - find template here
  2. Students and guardians .CSV - find template here
  3. Classes .CSV - find template here 
  4. Enrollments .CSV - find template here