Train staff members

For administrators with a Remind plan.

Getting ready to lead a training session about Remind? We've got you covered.

Before the session...

This slide deck is designed to walk attendees through what Remind is, accessing Remind, Remind features, and Remind best practices. By the end they should feel confident sending a message in Remind for different audiences and purposes.

  • Customize the slides with your school or district information.
    • Slide 1: Name of school or district
    • Slide 7: Remove #2 if your school/district didn’t create classes for your teachers
    • Slide 25: Personalize with date of notification (remove if your school/district didn't create accounts for parents & students)
    • Slide 26: Names of Remind experts and their schools (if applicable)
  • Before the session ask participants to:
    • Log in to Remind and follow any prompts before the session
    • Bring laptops to the session

Presentation talking points

This is a slide-by-slide breakdown of talking points for the Remind training presentation. This version of the presentation will take about 45 minutes, but feel free to customize your session with additional walkthroughs, demos, or discussions.
*Note slide notes are also include in the speaker notes section of each slide in the presentation deck

Premium training offerings*

Remind is excited to introduce premium training options that support your entire staff through hands-on, interactive learning experiences. We offer these ready-made trainings onsite and via live webinars. To learn more, please reach out to our Professional Services team at


*Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, in-person training is temporarily unavailable.