Trainer guide

For staff with a School Plan or District Plan.

We've put together some quick and easy steps to help you- the trainer- get started with your Remind account and train your staff with theirs.  Providing training and setting clear expectations for your teachers will help ensure they're able to maximize these additional tools and resources. 

Here's everything you need to set up your account and lead an engaging, informative training session for your staff.

Before your training session...

  1. Set up your Remind account
    It’s always helpful to walk teachers through what their experience will be like when logging in for the first time.  Take a minute to set up your account and try logging in to be sure you're ready to help the rest of your staff.  
    Go to: Setting up your account

  2. Review the training materials
    We've prepared everything you need to facilitate a successful training for your teachers and staff.  You'll find useful tips to ensure your participants are prepared as well as talking points that accompany each slide in the customizable presentation specifically for our schools and districts with The Remind Plan.
    Go to: Training session overview

  3. Check out your training room
    To help your session go as smoothly as possible, make sure you’ll be in a room with a working projector.

On the day of your session...

  1. Set up
    Connect your computer to the projector and log in to your account on Remind.

  2. Follow the training slides
    Use our easy-to-follow presentation to lead your session. Just remember to customize it ahead of time!
    Go to: Remind training presentation

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