Guide to setting up an administrator account

For administrators with a School and District plan.

Here's what you need to get started as a school or district administrator in Remind.

Make sure your account's ready to go

  • Set up your Remind account

If you're new to Remind, your admin account will be created using your official school email address.

Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_12.21.29_PM.png                      Screen_Shot_2018-08-20_at_3.52.46_PM.png

                       Step 1                                                                    Step 2                                      

  1. Check your inbox for an email from Remind and click the button Activate account*
  2. Create your password

*If you’re having trouble finding the email, simply click

step_2_new_admin_set_up.png          step_3_new_admin.png           Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_11.06.39_AM.png    

         Step 1                                 Step 2                                        Step 3

  1. Select Forgot? from the password field in the new window that appears
  2. Input your official school email address and head to your inbox
  3. Click the link in the email to set up your new password
  4. Once you've created your password, simply input your official school email address and new password to log into your Remind admin account for the first time!

**If you Log in with Google, please be sure to use your official school email address account.

If you already have an account with Remind, you will still need to log in with your official school email address, from there you can merge your accounts and choose your preferred email address. 

Get familiar with your admin dashboard

  • Take a tour of your dashboard.



As an admin, you have access to community engagement statistics and advanced controls to help manage your community—all from one place.

  1. Read about what you can see and do with your admin dashboard here.
  2. Take a video walkthrough of your admin dashboard.
  3. Check out more awesome Administrator features and tools now available with your Remind Plan.

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